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Frankie Galasso Contributes To Jewish Museum Art Exhibit

A TRIBUTE TO KEVIN YOUKILIS, by noted New England sports cartoonist Frankie Galasso, is the latest artist contribution to an upcoming museum art exhibit about the history of Jews in baseball.

Baseball and Bat

Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame baseball player David Ortiz

A portion of your purchase of this high quality art limited edition print will go to the David Ortiz Children's Fund which helps pediatric cardiac patients in need.

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About Frankie

Frankie Galasso a sports cartoonist. made his start with the Evening Times of Pawtucket, RI. His work later found its way onto the Editorial pages of The Providence Journal. While working two jobs, he would self-syndicate himself into some of the most prominent newspapers in the country, with The Boston Globe and LA Times at the top of the list. His editorial and sports cartoons were picked up by over 36 self-syndicated and free-lance newspapers. Although most papers took on Frankie’s services for his editorial cartoons and caricatures, he sent out a weekly sports cartoon at no charge to revive the great American art form of sports cartooning.

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